When you fall pregnant with your first baby, you really have little to no idea of the volume of ‘stuff’ you will accumulate - and then be forced to travel around with you.

For such a small person, babies really do require so much - and not just day-to-day, but especially when you’re travelling! As if leaving the house with a newborn isn’t daunting enough, but the idea of heading on a roadtrip, or overseas with a baby is enough to make anyone’s anxiety levels skyrocket.

Enter Tottie The Baby Bag - the ultimate travel baby bag

Minimalist with a luxe vibe, Tottie’s clever design with the practicality every parent wants - but doesn't know exists - make her irresistible. She's a premium vegan leather baby bag backpack, perfect for travel - and essential to parents on the go. Designed by parents, for parents who don't want to sacrifice style for practicality and efficiency. Just take a look and see for yourself:

1. Tottie The Baby Bag is comfortable to wear

She features padded shoulder straps that help to distribute weight evenly across your back, rather than on one shoulder. When you’re schlepping through the airport with 1000 things in tow, this makes all the difference.


2. She features space and suitable pockets for everything you need, including a change mat

Think 14 pockets, inclusive of a large, spacious central space for bulk items, plus additional compartments for extra storage of bottles, dummies, stress balls...etc. It has two insulated bottle pockets, and you can even fit a 15" laptop with built in-sleeve - so you can have Bluey on repeat!

Plus, the super plush change mat that comes included means you’ll never be stuck with nowhere to change your baby. Back of the boot rest stop diaper changes are suddenly a cinch!

3. She has an area to keep stinky items separate from everything else

Not everyone has a bin on board, so your Tottie Diaper Backpack comes complete with a unique compartment design which includes a bottom entry of the bag, perfect for used nappies or wet clothes to keep the stink away from the rest of your gear!

4. She makes you feel good wearing her

Premium vegan matte pebbled leather, polished gold hardware and a range of three stunning neutral hues (black, tan and stone) will do that…

5. She provides easy access to what you need, when you need it

The easy-to-identify and segmented pockets mean that you don’t need to go digging for what you’re looking for - it will always be right where you need it to be. This is an absolute must during car or plane travel. You need to reach that dummy, or that bottle right now.

6. She’s ecologically sustainable - and makes a real difference

Made with vegan leather, Tottie The Baby Bag is designed to be passed down and used again and again! Better still, when you buy a Tottie Diaper Backpack, you’re providing a vital birthing kit to women in underdeveloped countries, via the Birthing Kit Foundation Australia.

7. She provides longevity - can be used long after your baby has grown

Because she’s not a ‘traditional baby bag’, you can rock your Tottie travel bag long after you stop needing to stuff it with nappies! It looks just as perfect on a baby-free people as it does a couple toting a flock of kids! Needless to say, she looks just as at home on a girls-trip to New York, too. And we can prove it…

8. She’s stain and leak-proof!

A water-resistant lining that is easily wipeable makes up the inside, while the 100% stain resistant exterior means no tell-tale marks left behind by sticky fingers.

9. She’s totally unisex; able to be worn by both parents

Speaking of wearability, this is the only baby bag the dads feel comfortable rocking, too!

10. She’s versatile, can be worn on your back, hung from a hook, or clipped to your pram using the included pram clips

When you purchase your Tottie Diaper Backpack, you get two pram clips that mean you can secure your backpack to your stroller. There is also a dual purpose top carry handle for hanging and hook storage. This means a succinct clip-and-go no matter where in the world you are. Simply fling over your shoulder or attach to your pram and you’re ready to go!

..did we mention she has a built-in trolley sleeve that slides onto your wheelie suitcase - skip the hassle and travel stress-free!

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