Tottie takes pride in designing each and every bag she makes.

Tottie offers an extended warranty period of six months from the date of purchase on all her bags. The warranty covers defects in material or workmanship that deems the bag unusable and cause a complete loss of functionality.

We will require either photo/video proof of the faulty item. In the event that the issue cannot be assessed by video/photos, we may request you return the item to us for a review.

We will assess the condition of the product before you are offered a replacement or compensate you with a reasonable cost for repair, depending on the outcome of the review.  It is Tottie’s discretion to determine if the item(s) have been damaged other than manufacturing defects.

If the fault is deemed unfixable, we will offer an exchange or a store credit. If an item is out of stock, we will offer an alternative product, a store credit or waitlist the item for you.

We will not cover the return shipping cost or provide a refund/exchange for items that are found to be damaged from misuse, wear and tear over time, or found to be unrelated to a manufacturing issue.

Though our products are well-crafted, all materials do deteriorate over time from normal wear and tear. For this reason, the warranty does NOT cover damage caused by normal wear and tear that doesn’t affect the function of the bag. These include, but are not limited to scratches or blemishes in the material, minor seam rips, discolouration, accidental damage, improper packing, product negligence or misuse, and lost pieces or accessories.

Please visit our Care Guide page for tips on maintaining your Tottie and cleaning advice.

Claiming Your Warranty

Please contact us at info@tottie.com.au  with your order details, proof of purchase, description and video and/or photos of different angles showing the issue then we'll sort you out quick sticks!

Warranty claims are to be made by the original purchaser of the item.


Before you submit your request for a warranty claim, we request you please assess if the issue is affecting the functionality of your bag. We aim to promote sustainability and reduce landfill waste, hope you do too!


*Information on this website is subject to change without notice.